Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fly Fishing and the Kentucky Backroads

We left bright and early on a trip to below the dam on Herrington Lake.  You are hard pressed to find a more beautiful shot than smoke rising on the water, early in the morning in Kentucky.

On our way through the scenic byways, we saw lots of farms and scads of potential quilt barns.  Whoever lives in that area needs to get on it and start the process of putting the quilts up on those barns.

Arriving at our destination, the limestone centurions greeted us with a wry smile, I suppose.  They must have known what I did not, that there would be no fish that wanted our bait.  Anyway, I got in a lot of good practice casting.

The day wasn't a total lost as I just love being outdoors and nature in the fall in Kentucky can't be more lovely.

Off to Shaker Village where they "Welcomed us kindly".  I think I like that phrase, as old fashioned as it sounds.  They were in the midst of a stone wall building competition, with competitors from around the world.

On to the Inn where we had hoped to have lunch,but, were told no reservations?  No food.  Upon some inspection of the Inn, it was plain to see the demise of the Shakers, his and hers stair cases.

The Beaumont Inn was our next try for lunch, they don't serve lunch on Saturday, but the Owl Tavern did.  Pretty good pub fair, fried chicken and bread pudding, yum!  I'll have to ride 10 miles tomorrow.


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