Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cancer and Stay for the Credits on Walle

Bald is Beautiful-the upside of cancer

Jennifer has finished the radiation (30 days) and only has 6 chemo treatments to go. We spent most of the month of the June in the hospital because of pain and infections. Instead of finishing in August, it looks like now it may be September/October. My daughter is holding up nicely and if it's possible to settle into the situation, I think we have-such is life and the cards we've been dealt...yada yada yada.

On those few days when she feels well enough to participate in normality, we grab it with all the gusto of a PMS insomnia induced night at the sewing machine-you quilters and sewers know what I'm talking about.

Such was yesterday and we went to see a movie-Walle. Jennifer liked it and I did too. Pixar is a master at saying a lot without saying anything.

Warning:::We left before the credits finished and now I'm hearing, you need to stay and watch the credits. Apparently this is a trend in movies-not just funny outtakes, but, essential to the plot. Soooo if you go, wait till the very end and tell me what we missed!

Shhhhh.....I'm working on a baby quilt and I think she's watching, so I'm going to show it when it's finished.


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