Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Liverpool and Chelsea-one of the best games in recent memory

The boys in red were brought down by the boys in blue in one  of the most spectacular games I've seen in a long time.  The game was actually a tie 4-4 but with some crazy rule that gives more weight to games that are played in an away match.  Chelsea, UK, had won by 2 points at Anfield earlier in the season.  My team had to win by 3 points and it looked like it was going to happen.  Then after the second half, Ballack came out blazing.  A last few minutes determined Dirk Kuyt header made it look like we might just pull it off-we needed 5 and that was possible, until Lampard made a second goal and that was the nail to our beautiful attempt.  My gosh the defending from Chelsea was brilliant and Fernando was held to no scoring.  The whistles were sounding, as the tempers were causing all kinds of fouls.  

But, in the end the fans were treated to one of the most beautiful games in football, but, not so happy for Liverpool.  No more Champions League Cup to win.    

What a sad day for football.  In 1989 96 people were crushed to death while trying to watch a sports event.  I can't imagine...

Liverpool Remembers...
It was not so long ago that their could be any excuses.  I hope that lessons  were learned and this never happens again.  

Oh my goodness, I better stop writing.  It's just a bit of a down day for me today.  


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