Monday, May 28, 2012

I will curse Sanjay Gupta or will be so grateful for him...

Here I am, down to the requisite wire everyone that races might recognize.  Whether tis nobler to think I am an athlete, or think what the hell was I thinking will ultimately end up with me loving the fact that on a fateful day summer 2011, I watched Sanjay Gupta lead a group of regular folk, like me to compete in an Olympic Distance triathlon.  He called these 6 people the Six Pack. These six people were chosen to swim, 1.5 miles in the Hudson River, Bike 28 miles in NYC and run a 10K around Central Park. 

Since September of last year I have been diligently fighting for last place on every triathlon I've competed in.  Well, they weren't all last place.  I did outrun a 14 year old girl one time.  Did I say my husband says I've lost the concept of the word race?  My "race" has evolved into me loving the scenery and stopping to take pictures.  I'm "just a finisher" status takes on new meaning for me.  But, I can't help myself, I just love swimming, biking and running my way behind everyone else.

Life is so good.  Sometimes I don't just pinch myself, I crack myself up when I think of all the times I've had it pretty good.   I better be quiet because I've also lived through those times when it all goes terribly awry...


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