Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Family Ancestry, Snow and Quilting

The generations are important, I suppose, if for nothing else they give us a glance of what our future might be like and then again, maybe not.

Here is my 4 generation family. This is my Grandmother Margarete Julia Ann; Mom Marlene, named after marlene Dietrich; my daughter Chelsea Elizabeth; and me Elizabeth Julia Ann named after my dad's mom and mom's mom.

We've been in the deep freeze of winter and I've managed to clean my dining room/quilting room. I really like this room for quilting the windows bring in the right amount of natural light. The wooden floor is great for scooting my chair as I quilt.

Even though we are getting ready for Quilters' Day Out and I've been pretty busy helping with the committee for the event, I have managed to finish this quilt top. It was a 3 part series of patterns in Mccall's Quilting Magazine. I also subscribe to Quiltmania magazine. It's got really different projects and sometimes the English to French conversion isn't all that smooth, it's still my favorite magazine.


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