Sunday, March 11, 2007


Oh they stack up and we do our best to knock them down. I'm so happy to be working on this pink and brown nine patch/hour glass block quilt. It's hard to see the hourglass block, without a close up, so here it is.

I was once again inspired to work on this quilt after seeing a quilt from the turn of the century at the Wylie House Museum in Bloomington.

This is a quilt my DD and I started and it looks like I am to complete. This is fine with me, but, I just can't understand their lack of interest in quilting. Oh yes, granted they have their lives to begin, college, boys and most especially, college-don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, they are on track with their lives and their dad and I are most proud. But, isn't there any down time-you know, for therapy and creativity? I worry they are working so hard-or maybe they just want us to think that-and all the time they are sailing along and having lots of fun-Oh I hope so!!! Pink and brown, the color of romance you know-so maybe I really don't want my DD to work on this after all-she may get the wrong idea and begin to day dream about boys--hold off until you graduate honey!!

Of course all my exclamation point screaming does little good and I guess that's what growing up means-making your own choices-not moms or dads. I shall continue to appreciate the art and craftsmanship of quilt making and carry on....yes....yes...carry lovely DDs.


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