Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cliche's and Landsharks, Oh

What are the goals for the new year?  How can one decide?  I've had so many over the years.  The same cliche's apply, lose weight, eat healthy.  When will it finally click.  I certainly did go on an exercise bonanza, running 14 races, of which 6 were triathlons and one half marathon.  The rest were 10 miles, 10K and a variety of 5k's.  That was a huge boon for me.  I've always been into sports.  Growing up in my small town in Oklahoma, only 85 were in our graduating class.  I went all 12 years at the school, and the last were spent as one of about 10 of us that rotated and played every sport for the school.  Volleyball, softball, track and basketball are all represented on my letter jacket.  

Now what.  Well, first up, I'll be making a T-shirt quilt using the shirts from my races.  I guess they don't expect someone to make that many races, and to be a collector of so many t-shirts.  But, here I am with enough for 2 quilts.  I've come up with a most ingenious way to border my quilt, I'll have to show that later. 

Right now, I'm enjoying hanging out with some pretty neat people I've come to know through my exercising.  There really is a whole community of support out there for people willing to put in the effort to participate.  These folks are the Landsharks.  It's a triathlete club here in Louisville.  I joined so I could do an open water swim for my NYC Olympic distance triathlon, July 8th, 2012.  For a few months I was swimming in a lake in Indiana with them.  They are very accomplished athletes, many being in the top 10 if not top leader of their age group.  But, they take time to encourage and pull me along, sometimes a bit reluctantly.  But, a lot of them are single and it's a bit easier to go out and socialize when you don't have anyone at home that you also enjoy spending time


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