Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Day Trip to Indianapolis

Well, our 30 year anniversary trip to Italy has been canceled. Life gets in the way of our fun but, there are always priorities. We can always go to Italy next year.

My husband had a meeting in Indianapolis yesterday, actually it was Carmel a northern suburb of Indianapolis. I came along for the day. We left at about 6:45 for the 2 hour drive through the beautiful flat farmland of Indiana. The sunrise and the mist and the barns and white steepled churches made it all so pleasant.

I had 4 hours to kill so I spent my time trying out new bicycles. I've decided I need a road bike which is a lot faster than a regular bike, but, comes with a hefty price tag. More on that later, I'm still trying to decide which bike to get. The best bicycle shop in Carmel is Bike Line. They were the most helpful, if you go there ask for Marlin. He took all the time to fit me and get to know what I needed.

Quilt shops, well of course. One of my all time favorite shops, I discovered at the Bloomington Heritage Quilt Show, is Quilts Plus. They had a booth their and I had to check out their shop. Quilt Quarters was in the area also, it's massive. I was on a mission to find a raffle quilt to make for my geologist raiser is my middle name.

Then we ate at Shapiro's. Bagels, Rubens and chocolate cheese cake, yum!

I began the day with barns and I ended the day with barns. This is a quilt barn on my favorite walking trail in Anchorage, courtesy of Papa Johns. I don't care for his pizza, but he made one fine trail for bikers and walkers to enjoy.


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