Monday, November 12, 2007

Here comes the of...

Well, it's begun. The count down to Christmas. I am trying to get a bigger jump on preparing this year. My list of "To Do" items is loooonnnng. Of course there's always wonderful WISPs To Do. Then there's house cleaning To Do. Now, I've signed up to help decorate the Church and no there's not a lot of help with that this year. I guess it's a good thing, I'm trying to plan in advance. We are meeting IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING SECOND SERVICE ON 11/ the Lower Level, just in case any one is reading this that may be interested in helping out.

Volunteering is an interesting business. I think the volunteers are pretty happy to be there, but, I don't think, sometimes, the employees are all that happy for us to be there. Do we make them feel guilty? Is it a threat to their jobs? I don't know, they may need to do some soul searching, cause, I know I'm right where I want to be. As long as the volunteer coordinators are still seeking assistance, I'm there to help when I can.

Sure, decorating the church is a huge job and we'll get it done, but, it might be a bit more difficult this year. But, as in a lot of things, we will muddle through with smiles.


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