Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our trip to NYC

NYC is like Zingo.  It is constant forward movement and sensory bombardment to the max.   It is both exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.  But, I like it a lot.

Our first night, Saturday, we went to Times Square.  Like Bell's amusement park, NYC has it's "junkie kid's stuff" and Times Square is it.  This area is probably what you think of when you think about the city.  Huge TV screens and lots and lots of people.  On the night we went the Occupy Wall Street protesters had decided to take it over.  This made it even more crowded than usual.  The police were out and they made it so the protesters could march.  This made it a lot more crowded than usual for the tourists.

On Sunday morning we went to the Hungarian Pastry shop which is across the street from my favorite old church, that I've seen, in NYC, St. John the Divine.   Walking to the church we found a really cool very small sanctuary garden with this statue in it. 

Next to the church is a really large and wonderful statue.  It has characters from Noah's Ark added to the rope like fencing. 

Then we found a restaurant where Seinfeld was filmed. 

 Next we went to Central Park, where there was a walk for breast cancer.

 We saw the Guggenheim Museum, which I wanted to go to, but they were in a transition for a new gallery show, so I didn't get to, next time, perhaps.
 They were making a film near the park. 

 Central Park is amazing.  I read it costs 38million to maintain, every year.  There are so many beautiful fountains. 


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