Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elephant quilt for Taya!

Blogs are good for nothing, if not for reminding you of what you've done.  I thought I was over due for a baby quilt for Taya, who is soon to be 2.  But, after searching this blog I've found I made one for her!!! I completely forgot...thanks old  

Well, I know she likes elephants, so I'm making it anyway.  I have another baby in the family about to be born, but, it's not until April, so I'm almost finished with this one. 

I'm auditioning fabrics for borders.  I think I like the "harder" border on the right as opposed to the "floaty" border on the left.  It is a great study in how much the border effects the quilt.  You can look at one side and see how they pull that color out of the quilt more strongly than the other.


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