Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hand sewing and bird nests...smile

The nature experience continues with a daily update. Finally the little bird flew away from my front porch fern and I wa s able to hold my camera high and sneak a picture with the flash on. It looks like we are expecting 2 little babies.
I've still not watered the plant, but, will attempt to do so tomorrow. We spend about 16 days a month for 7 months total in the hospital. My DD #1 Jennifer has Ewings Sarcoma in her right jaw. She gets chemo and on those overnight stays in the hospital and I stay with her. So, needless to say there's lots of down time for me. The good news is we are half way through, 7 out of 14 and so far all the scans indicate that the cancer is local and not spread.
I've found the perfect hand sewing project for me. It's the old grandmother's flower garden or also known, in earlier years as the mosaic pattern. There's no room for an olfa cutting board and I don't think it would be an easy pattern to cut, all the five sides of a one and one half inch hexagon. Karen Witt used a stamp for the Align Center Align Right
Justify Full
Numbered List Bulleted List Blockquote
Check Spelling
Add Image
Add Video
Remove Formatting from selection
hex's and I thought that would be perfect, and it was. Stamp, cut sew, that all there is to it. Then after attending Elenore Burns' Show and Tell at Paducah, I got this lovely clear project bag, in which I can put my fabric and supplies. It really goes surprisingly fast. I've made about 15 blocks and depending how large I make the quilt, I have a king size bed, so it could be large. I think I'll work on it until Jeni is out of the treatments and that's how big it is. At this rate, it might be a really large quilt!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Springtime in Kentucky

God knew we needed flowers so we got some.

This is the view out our front door.

I've planted these iris' around the yard in a variety of places
and this is the first year they have bloomed in several years. We've been going through a lot with my daughter's cancer, but, these flowers make me smile.
There's even a potential of some roses that also haven't bloomed in years, yes Jesus loves me.

This is our backyard, not a lot of flowers here, just faeries. There are some iris planted at the top of the stone steps, leading down the hill,but, they are buds right now.

It's springtime in Kentucky so there are lots of flowers and birds. This is a robin in the dogwoods in the front of our house.

What's a front porch in the south without a fern han
ging? And this is I don't know what kind of bird that has built a nest in my fern. Far be it from me to destroy a nest, so this will be my nature experience for a while. Maybe it's a little sparrow, my girls love it when I sing that Dolly Parton song...smile...

Nest photos to follow.


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