Saturday, June 26, 2010

America went a little further this time

What do we have to do to win a World Cup? Maybe play teams that don't dive...a little too much of that. Don't they want the HUGE American audience in the soccer/football world? I think if they cleaned up the cheating, that USA would be totally behind our boys and the money would flow. Soccer players should get the respect they deserve, because it is SO HARD TO SCORE that when it finally happens it is the best. So, if you are caught diving, it's an instant red card-meaning you are out of the game.

Why don't they use technology when playing or allow an instant replay dispute? It is time to integrate it into the game. This would make the scores higher, because the offsides penalties would be better observed and the diving would be caught and punished.

But, as it was the brave 11 or so fought the valiant fight, sort of. I have to say that it seemed the spark was more in the Ghana team this time. Heavy legs from the emotional draining of the previous match a few days before. I was worn out watching it, it was so good. The Heartbreak Kids came through for us in the last 2 minutes of stoppage time.

Could it have been the fact that Ghana were the last to remain of the home country teams that spurred them to greatness? Is everyone gunning for the Americans? Was all the fake time delaying in the overtime play really necessary? Are we paying the referees too much for sorry officiating?

Now the grudge of all grudges is on the books. Ghana denied America in the 2006 WC so, look out next time.

Third time is a...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Who would have thought, we are something at last!!!

Clint Dempsy is the man to be denied but, how much he did give down to the last attempt. The Algerians had it in for him, bruised and bloodied he left everything he had on the pitch.

But, the GREAT LANDON DONAVON, calm cool and collected tapped in for the Americans to LEAD THE GROUP!!



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