Thursday, October 8, 2009

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and visiting Chelsea

Our youngest, Chelsea, is completing her masters degree in geology at the University of New Mexico. This year we visited her while the Balloon Fiesta is going on. It's a week long celebration featuring hot air balloons. We got up VERY early, 5:30am,you have to be there very early for the Dawn Patrol. If you go, you must get there to see the Dawn Patrol. It's so cool to see hot air balloons flying in the dark. It's very dangerous to fly in the dark, but, I was told the 550 plus balloons need to be able to know the direction of flights, etc for safety reasons. The people in charge of the safety and tell the balloonists when it is safe to ascend are called zebras. Then, once the sun begins to rise the other balloons begin to unfold and inflate anticipating the Mass Ascension.
You old time hipsters out there will recognize this balloon. They even had a quilted balloon. This is the raffle quilt made by the local quilt guild, all proceeds going to different charities.

I think there is probably nothing more exciting for fabric enthusiasts, than to walk out amongst a sew of brightly colored fabric rising around you like being in the middle of a bright colored bubble bath.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First I'll update my progress on the OBWE

This quilt block is addictive. If you want to find your excitement for quilting again, you need to go back to what got you interested in quilting in the first place. For me it was a love the unusual in the fabric/design world. This quilt block is such a project. You are working with triangles and the design elements are pretty much set, but, the fun comes, for me, in the layout and addition of the tumbling blocks.

For the quilting design, I used the spider web. It's a natural. A lot of you machine quilters out there, know that the quilt will tell you how it needs to be quilted. Lay it out and look at it and you will begin to see the quilting it needs-cause you know, it's not a quilt until it's quilted. The quilt told me it needed spider webs. The "spokes" are a natural with the seams in the ditch and you add two webs to connect. The quilting around the tumbling blocks outlines the colors only-no spider web quilting.

This is an easy free motion quilting design. This is me with the camera on my machine, my goodness it must have been early in the morning. Ah well, any time is a good time to finish a quilt.


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