Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm hard on my sewing machines

I sew fast. It's usually pedal to the metal all the time. And so now I've two machines in the shop for repairs at Austin's Sewing Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Teresa and Ed Packer are the new owners and they are very nice people. I once took my machine in to them and they could have told me that I needed a 200.00 repair and I would have been snookered. Instead, Ed took one look at my Pfaff and told me all I needed was 2 AA batteries which he gave me and installed on the spot. These are honest repair people, in my opinion and if you need work done on your machine you might want to check them out.

Now, since my Brother 1500 sewing machine, which is my quilting machine, is in the shop, I'm going back to my machine quilting roots. This quilt is not very big, maybe 4 feet by 4 feet and I can easily handle it on my Pfaff 7540 with my clear table for easier quilting and sewing.

I first hand quilted the Quiet Village center houses with invisible Gutterman thread. The quilt has lots of embroidery on it and I like having that stand out as opposed to seeing the quilting stitches.

Next I did stippling on the machine around the fabric design and cathedral window blocks.

On the outside border, I think I'm going to do crosshatching to emphasize the scrolling vines.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hand Quilting and Hockey!!!

So the winter olympics wrapped up today with a fabulous game USA against Canada for the Gold. Silver is nothing to sneeze at but the intensity is always so much more when it comes to a team winning the gold. I think that if any team had to beat us, it should have been Canada hockey is a religion to them.

The awesome Sidney Crosby won the day with the sudden death score after America's Ryan Miller who should have won MVP if there was one for the Olympics. USA tied the game after it looked like it was all over. It was a great game and you know I'm a soccer fan, Premier League but this hockey could make me want to add another time in my day to do hand

A quilter rarely just sits and watching TV is a perfect time to get some applique work done. These petals and leaves are for my pink and brown quilt. This is another zone of quilting in my house hand work is perfect for TV time.


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