Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My one man

I was reading over some old posts on my FSQ blog and I ran across one in 2008 where I noticed the Iron Man was in town.  I'm wondering if this was some sort of seed that was planted for my triathlon dreams.  It sure has been a journey for me and my husband, Bob, over the past year.  Since September of 2011, he's gotten up early for me to race all over the country.  What a lucky woman I am.  I wish he was interested in participating with me, but, he's got arthritis in his feet and can't.  In all we've raced 6 triathlons, the last being in NYC which was an Olympic distance triathlon.  All because I watched Sanjay Gupta report about it on TV.  It's funny what motivates us.  This last race was in July 2012.  Since then, I've kidnapped my daughter from Oregon.  Helped her move in with my folks and get her scans which she has needed for over 2 years, but, I can understand the dread of knowing.  She is currently cancer free!!!  Maybe the triathlons were getting me in shape for the ordeal to come.  Because boy it was some kind of ordeal.  I've had to quit being the leader of the best quilt guild in the world, Northeast Quilting Friends.  This was hard to do, but, I was gone from Kentucky too much.  Now we have the best leader for a quilt guild, Linda.  

My one man crew has given so much to our family.  I am a lucky girl, I'll say again.  Now as we look to retirement in the near future, I think he's tired of me racing practically every other weekend.  Because besides the 6 triathlons, I ran 10 foot races, 5K's, 10K's a 15K at the Biltmore estate, and a half marathon, which I would say was the most difficult of all the races for me.  Life really is full of seasons.  I'd like to think I have another season of triathlons to do, but, he's not down with it, so, it's going to have to go on the back burner for a while.  We need to downsize our house and prepare for the future.   


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