Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lights Out! and Finding Our Rhythm for the French Braid Quilt

Retreat time has become one of the favorite outings our group likes to do.  The idea of an extended "play time" with friends and fabric is just too good to be missed out on.  Well, at least that was to be the idea, except for the fact that the storms that are passing around our area hit our favorite place to retreat, Pieceful Haven, in La Grange, KY.  There was only a 2 day power outage, but for quilters that's pure disaster.  No electric, no irons, no sewing machines and only the light of day to work with for a few hours, until there was no joy on Tuesday.  I was packing up my car and walking out, when there was a huge hoop and holler from inside the house and yes, you guessed the lights were on.

Well, most everyone had gone for the day.  Our generous host, Cheryl Kuprion, offered us another 2 days in June, but, we could stay and sew on Wednesday, as long as we wanted.  

So here are some pictures of our abbreviated retreat, soon to be attended again in June.


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