Saturday, January 13, 2007

Grey Days and Saturdays...oops, wrong song

It's Saturday and we are in for a long few days of rain in the Ohio Valley. I'm usually pretty

upbeat and
happy, but, when there is a prolonged lack of sun, I have to keep reminding myself-this is why Kentucky is so beautiful in the spring-because of the grey winter, rainy days. I do love it here...even though... Hey, it's great quilting weather. I'm losing weight whether I quilt or exercise so I'm off to finish a couple of's kinda hard to say today...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Quilt Show/Quilt Legacy

Here is Starry Wonderland, completed in 2006. It's made of cotton lame, Japanese and batik fabrics. It has my two favorite blocks, Ohio Star and pinwheel, all the rest are nine patch and 6 inch squares.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Combo weight loss-diet and UFO

Here we go, a way of showing my weight without showing my weight...That's me holding my UFO's in a basket, and weighing myself at the same time. So, when I lose weight or finish a project, it is reducing my weight-either way. Clever Huh? This basket is not filled with half the unfinished projects I own, but, I've tried to put all that goes with finishing the project, material for the top, batting and backing. I did not have batting or backing for several of the quilts, but, you get the idea, this is how I'm weighing myself and reducing my UFO's at the same time.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's a simply quilty day today...

Fellow dieters and UFO completers and dreamers of all that can be good and finished in the world...Today is simply quilty and that's a great thing. The sun is shining and I've had 2 comments and that's a jackpot for a new blogger. I understand you need to be patient-well I guess so-I'm a quilter so that kinda goes without must have patients for quilting, because, like the Ohio Valley (grey days), you must cut sew and iron, then the sun will shine again and you will be putting binding and a label on a quilt and that's my favorite part, because then it's done! Have a simply quilty

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Entering a quilt in a quilt show-SHOW OFF!!

The quilt show entering season is upon us. Far be it from me to create more competition, but, far be it from me to think I might win a quilt show. So competition is not what I seek, but it is my highest and most sappy wish to inspire and create something that-to use an old expression-yes I'm dating myself-might "turn someone on" to quilting. No, I don't own a shop or am selling my quilts, I hope someday my family, 100 years from now, will all want one of the quilts their great great whatever made with her own hands and sewing machine. I hope it never gets that rare for a quilt to be made, but, if it happens, my decendents will have one. If you put a good enough label on it-write as much as you can on the label with an archival felt pen-it will be remembered and appreciated. My pet- peeve is to go into an anique store and find a beautifully made quilt, that's maybe from the 1930's or '50's, and no one knows a thing about it. How sad that a woman worked with love and self discipline and no one knows that she made it as a wedding gift or as a bed quilt for the first house she owned. Ah, such is saddness...a quilt without history is like a family bible with no family tree in it...or forgetting the reason you saved a special ornament to be hung every year on your Christmas tree. If you are a lover of history and want to create a quilting legacy, then pull up all your quilts today and put a label on the back. Just get a 10 inch square of muslin and iron under a 1/2 inch edge all around. Then carefully plan what you want to write before you write and tell all you know; fabric content-100% cotton, batik, etc; machine or hand pieced/stitched; name; town you lived in while making the piece; date; who/why the quilt was made; ANYTHING THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU OR THE RECEIVER OF THE PIECE! Then be happy for YOU are making

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to dieting we go...

Hello fellow dreamers and wanderers to all things musical and grandly creative....well, let's hope so! Yes, I'm having another grey Ohio Valley day. This does, however, create an opportunity to work diligently on my diet and UFOS. The real battle lies in trying to keep from hearing the frozen chocolate chip cookies in my freezer scream my name. "Julie, come bake me-you know you want to...just imagine our smell...and the gooieness...yummmmm...." STOP!! get out of my mind!! I'm strong, sort of. I did eat 2 yesterday, but, I ran on the treadmill for 2 miles which probably worked off about half of their worth, calorie wise. At least I'm still thinking about it and trying. Oh Biggest Loser, come save me!!

I did not want to put pics in all the posts. I'm holding out until I finish my latest project-the Country At Heart quilt. Does everyone sell
everything they have on blogs? I don't really want to sell mine. There's too much work in it and right now at least, I don't need the money that bad. I want to enjoy it myself and maybe someday my girls will appreciate it and want to keep something I made. They do, sometimes, want what I make. Oh well, I put their names on the label, whichever daughter I can see enjoying that particular quilt the most.

This is the time you should be looking to enter a quilt in a quilt show. I hope all of you are entering quilt shows with your quilts. Winning is nice, but, don't expect to win. Who knows, you may inspire a future Alex Anderson, or Kaye Woods, or for you contemporaries out there-Nancy Crow. You know what I mean, don't hold back, be inspirational. It's a wonderful way to be. Not that I am all that much, but, I do like helping people learn to quilt. It's the best hobby, you can leave a warm legacy for your friends or family.


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