Saturday, November 22, 2008

Andrew Bird and Yo Yo Ma

Friday, November 21, 2008

Work on Quilt and Volunteering for Public Radio

I've been doing more hand sewing on my Tillie's Mosaic and it's pretty slow looking progress, so I won't take any pictures until I have a noticeable amount of progress.

I got to volunteer for my favorite place to support, besides church/quilting, Wfpk public radio.  Every Friday the program is an all request 3 hours from 9:00 to 12:00.  During that time, people are calling and requesting songs-anything from Neil Young to Billie Holiday.  It's how I first got really excited about the station.  I like variety in music.  I have my old stand-byes, although maybe I don't have any stand-byes, I like everything from Americana to rock and the blues.  

Here's the morning guy, James Bickers and Duke Myers, the mid morninguy.  Marion Dries is the clean up batter, I suppose with the "Rattle the Junk in Your Trunk" show that's a nice pick me up after lunch, called After Lunch.  

Today, I hung around for Live Lunch which showcased the Good Folk Fest with 4 bands.  Being a donator to the public radio stations in town, Wfpk; Wfpl, and Wuol, I get free lunches anytime I call ahead and reserve one.  Here's my lunch, a vegi club with cookie and chips-FOR FREE-well, sort of.  

The Good Folk Fest will highlight Daniel Johnston, who will sell his art and perform at the Mellwood Art Center on Saturday.  This man is a cliche when it comes to tortured genius artist.  He wrote some very beautiful songs, my personal favorite of his is "The Story of an Artist".  He was also on the first year of MTV, so he's been around for a while.  There is a really great biography about him called "the Devil and Daniel Johnston".  

All in all, it was a good day for supporting causes I enjoy without spending much money, and isn't that America's song for the age right now.  

Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Quilting today, Just Puttin' on the Glitz!

It's amazing to me how a couple of women can grow a huge business in the middle of nowhere, aka. rural Kentucky.  I suppose it only shows that a person or persons with a dream, really can make things happen.  The filled with enough stuff to be a women's heaven for nesting or antiquing.  I mean, who doesn't want a pitchfork Christmas tree?  Just about every collection thinkable was included.  What antique shop would be complete without Fiesta Ware, Flow Blue and of course, quilts, dolls and Teddy Bears.  

The group of ladies I traveled with today was the Newcomers of Louisville.  Traveling through the back roads of Kentucky, to Versailles, we saw lots of horses covered up with their blankets.  These are truly the hills of Kentucky.  

Being in the backseat, and have stopped just short of car sickness, we pulled in to the beautiful "Glitz", also known as Irish Acres.  I don't know where the Irish Acres part comes from, because The Glitz was certainly appropriate for the establishment.  The 3 course meal was sooo good, nsupper for me tonight!  

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Progress report on Tillie's Mosaic Quilt

Besides my instant gratification project, which is what I consider machine piecing, Flight of Swallows, I also have a hand sewing project.  This is my progress on Tillie's Mosaic.  Nope, that's not a horses head in the bed, it's my wonderful hubby's elevated post for sleeping due to his acid reflux.  I had some arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder a couple of weeks ago and so I've been spending some time recuperating in bed, as you can tell by my progress since last writing.  This quilt is kept by my bed and when I'm watching a movie, being someone that can't sit still for too long, I pull it out and work on it.  

Ain't Life Grand?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Progress on Flight of Swallows and Quilt Group

made it to my quilt group, Northeast Quilting Friends, for the second time in a row.  This is a big thing, as I haven't been there in months.  These ladies are prolific, at least some of them are.  They've found adouble secret quilter that does beautiful quilting for 40.00 a quilt-feathers, stippling everything-well worth it.  Every now and then one of the ladies brings several quilts from the group up to her.  Now, I must say, I've known cheaper quilters, my mom has someone that does it for 22.00 a quilt, but, it's loops, but hey it gets them finished and unless you are entering a contest or maybe a special family heirloom, it's really worth it.  I've heard of people passing away with their treasured quilter secret.  So the fact that they ladies would probably run me off if I shared this woman's name, is not beyond the realm of the quilt world.  

Here's my progress on the Flight of Swallows.  I went to quilting today, and don't have too much to show for it.  Besides the quilt meetings turning into a gabfest most of the time, we left a little early to check out the new Joann's in Louisville.  As far as I'm concerned our quilt shops don't have anything to worry about, as the fabric is less that quilt shop quality, in my opinion.  But, you know, maybe if they have some really good sales, I'll be back.  

Happy Quilting!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Flight of Swallows Quilt...Accountabilty is a good thing.

Progress report on the Flight of Swallows quilt.  Today I cut the sashing and found some border fabric from my stash.  Yes, it was intended for another project, but, I'm intending to work on this one so it quickly moves to the top of the usable heap that is my stash.  

Ahhh busting sure feels good.  Won't you join me in my accountability UFO progress?  Post your daily progress on your project.  Working a little everyday and showing it to the world might be just the incentive for me to complete a top and then quilt it.  

Happy Quilting!


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