Sunday, September 11, 2011

My First Mini Triathlon Completed!

It was a cold day in Buckner, Kentucky and even colder in the water when I swam the required 400 yard serpentine laps, but I was smiling all the way.  Then jump out of the pool and be sure to drag your foot across the blue mat so your time is recorded.

On to the transition area where I put shirt and jacket on over my bike shorts and swim suit I wore in the pool.  No time to change clothes, just layer, bike shoes and go.  Then walk your bike out of the area and cross another blue mat to begin the bike ride, 10.5 miles around the morning mist covered hills of Kentucky.  This race had 2 really large hills and a few progressive climbs.  Horses and cows and spectators were cheering us on.   Bringing up the rear an ambulance screamed past me.  There was actually someone BEHIND me, that needed some help.  Coming back into the transition area, a careful dismount and drag your foot across another blue mat.

Remove jacket, put running shoes on and take off across another blue mat and begin the 2 mile cross country run.  I'm smiling and tired.  I love the outdoors and Kentucky has some pretty beautiful parks, Wendell Moore being one of them.

Then across the finish line and into the building for pizza and socializing.

What fun!  I'm onto another new hobby.  I now have an outdoor hobby, triathlon training and an indoor hobby, quilting.  Life is pretty good.


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