Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here's a great blog about Portland Quilt Market

I don't always feel like blogging, but, I still like to read them. Here is a blog I found that has lots of interesting information about the Portland Quilt Market. Blue Moon River is written by a budding new artist in the quilt world, that I'm sure will become one of the newest sensations.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quilting, ironing and the Dollar Store

Don't you just love to find bargains? Now we quilters won't skimp a lot on our fabrics, but, finding good quality quilting material on sale is always a good thing. Nope, there was no fabric at the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree to be exact, my favorite of the dollar stores, in this area at least. There was, for me a repurposed item. It's original purpose was for scrap booking, that much maligned big competition for the quilters disposable income. Maligned because there's probably only so much in the way of hobby money to choose by each of us to spend on entertainment. All you scrappers know, you can rack up a lot of expense in the paper products/decorative items to be added to your lovely legacies of albums for the family. Like us quilters, you can drop a small country's national budget on your said hobby as well, but, oh what a legacy we both can leave. Maligned might be too strong a word, maybe to our treasured quilt shop owners, because they wish you were buying fabric

Anyway, this is what I found, a Scrapbook Envelop
e. It's original purpose I suppose was for holding delicately cut pieces of papers, pictures, or any other paper product so it wouldn't be Do you see where I'm going with this? You guessed it,after doing all that piecing and carefully ironing the seams all in the same direction, there's nothing more irritating than having to do all that work over again, because it got wrinkled while awaiting completion of the other blocks! So, I repurposed, a scrapbook envelope, which is a little larger than 12 inches, which is a pretty common size for a lot of patterns. Besides rigid and clear, it also has about a 3/4 inch depth so you can store several. So I bought several to hold my blocks in the various stages of completion. And it fits nicely in my Elenore Burns' project bag!

One last thing I got was the cute little box to hold my one inch hexagons-not a brilliant find like the block holder/scrapbook envelope, but they were cute and I must have been in hyper organizing

AND THEY ALL COST $1.00...double smile....


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