Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exercise for Quilters-the Louisville Zoo

Let's face it, quilting is a sedentary activity. Our beautiful stitches and piecing are not created while running through the poppy fields on our way to Oz. Yes, at times we are more on our bottoms than our congress should be. I just wish it was up to quilters to decide major tax or health care issues. Hmmm-a sewing machine for every

I digress. Quilters need to be more on the move. While I've been at the hospital and busy making my Grandmother's Flower Garden/Tillies Mosaic hand sewn quilt, I've not let the time go to waist. We must stay busy and keep the little grey cells moving. Besides the little grey cells in our brains, we must move our feet for exercise. Being downtown, I'm closer to the Louisville Zoo than when I'm in Crestwood, our home. The Zoo has a great program, called Zoo Walkers, in which you can walk a little over a mile, in the mornings from 8:00 am to 10:00am. I've been doing this and it's a wonderful time to check out all the animals. If you go be sure to visit the new tiger exhibit. Also in the morning the animals seem to be more active, at least some do. One of the favorite's is the baby elephant. It was born last year, and I doubt many events raised more attention for the Zoo than the blessed event. If you have little ones, there is a new waterpark. My other favorite is the meerkats. They have been given a box to play in. Just like we humans, don't waist your money on those fancy toys, sometimes our kids get more fun out of playing in a box.

The Zoo Walkers is just what it says. You have a well marked path and healthy tips all along the way for you to break up the walk. One mile doesn't sound like much, but it's mostly uphill, but only if you start at the correct starting place. As I'm walking I am aware I'm the only one walking in this direction. Those other savvy walkers have figured it out, walking downhill is easier, so you start at the end and walk to the beginning if you want an easier walk. Ah well, maybe they are walking around twice, to my once, but, I kinda doubt it.

Join the Zoo! Besides the Louisville Zoo, you can use your membership to zoos and aquariums around the country.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back to the hospital for 5 days.

Well, once again, Jennifer and I will spend 5 nights at Kosair Childrens Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. My 23 year old has a classic children's disease, Ewing's Sarcoma in the jaw. So, I'll be spending my time on my little chair/chaise lounge and working on my hand sewing project, the Grandmother's Flower Garden. We are on chemo treatment number eight in our protocol. There are 14 total and 31 radiation treatments. It will be interesting to see how we are going to get to the Brown Cancer Center, where they do the radiation.
It's strange how I seem to think of it as "we". But, believe me it does affect the whole family, whether we like it or not.
So, needless to say I'll be out of the blog world for a while. There are computers at the hospital, but, they seem to always be busy with kids on them, which is fine with me. It amazes me how tough these little cancer patients are. They can't be wimps an go through the,what I'm sure must seem like torture at times, the treatments the must endure to get better. The androgynous toddlers-they are all bald-that wield their way through the halls in their walker or in red wagons. Happily pulled along by concerned parents and grandparents.


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