Friday, December 21, 2012

NYC Triathlon

They say that endurance runners are running from something.  Maybe it's old age?  Are we resisting the  years that are sure to bring the layers of life we don't want.  Could it be the layers we've already run up, like stairs to some magic window?  I think a part of me loves my quality time with myself, where I can talk to God or just run and cry and no one knows but me, myself and I.  Maybe I cry because I am happy and in my own way, whether I win a race or not, it's just the fact that I got to the starting line is all that matters. 

 My white Vita Wildcat didn't make the whole race with me.  I had a flat tire on the back of my bike.  Luckily a nice New Yorker felt she couldn't finish the race and loaned me her bike.  It was way too small, but, I finished the race on a hybrid.  I'd done 5 triathlons up to this point on my Specialized Vita Hybrid bike.  I was hoping to finish on it, but, instead, I chose to swap bikes on the road.  

 I love a wet suit!! It makes me so buoyant and really do float somewhat.  But, it's still a workout to swim for .9 miles in the Hudson river in NYC.  You have to dodge a lot of people and try to stay away from the rocks!!


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