Saturday, February 24, 2007

I been a bad, bad girl....

Well, I broke my fabric diet, for the first time this year. I will have to "pay up" to my quilt guild, in the form of a fat quarter for each purchase that was not made to finish a quilt. So it seems I'm in debt for 2 fat quarters. I don't know why it is that it's so hard not to buy fabric. Why must we, when we have fabric over flowing our closet...or at least I do. But, these items were sooooo cute!!

There was
a charming quilt shop in the Chelsea District, called The City Quilter

My first fat quarter payment goes for this charmingly printed red panel, containing many sweet sayings, such as "Wash on Monday" and "My heart is yours." All these printed blocks were not needed, but, I had to have them, cause you know, someday I will make something out of them, after I finished the other multitude of projects in the works or just well thought of.

My next payment goes for variegated blue thread that I will also think about making a quilt from. I have the embroidery pattern and everything, except the time to make it!! I hope someday my heirs will enjoy

Now, the trip was not a total bust-in the completion of quilts department. I did buy a pattern for using up my scraps of holy fabric. I have lots of batiks that are holy and untouchable, until now.
This is a paper pieced pattern. I've always wanted to make an orange peel quilt and also a New York Beauty quilt, and this pattern combines them both nicely. Last but not least, I bought backing fabric of the 108 inch size with a lovely floral, pink and green, that will be so nice on the back of my hour glass pink and brown quilt I've been working on with my daughter, Chelsea. She has given up on it and I'm all alone to finish.

Three different churches

NYC was fantastic-all the hustle the hostility, the heat and the holiness. Hustle and hostility-don't you dare look in their eyes. The heat, from who knows where, that causes steam to rise as the sun comes up. It was beautiful. Those concrete jungles and all...and

amongst this creative chaos, there were built some of the most astounding churches-Gothic, classic and still standing. Our hotel was directly across from the World Trade Center and the only thing untouched and most touching was the Trinity church, filled with sadly moving tributes to that horrible day.


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