Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bike Riding Poem

The Gears

Damp swirly roads make my bed
Patty Griffin in my head
Low gears are friendly and happy

Arcade Fire lifts it up
climb those m'r f'n hills
Pushing and pulling
the high gears command

the dimension is

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well, it's coming down to the wire.  My first triathlon is going to be next Saturday, September 10.  I received my letter from the organizing committee addressed to Dear Triathlete!  I'm number 224 out of somewhere around 300 entries, I guess.  Maybe there are only 224 entries!!?  It's all gaged on my swimming time.  All those years at the Collinsville pool, growing up I guess created a love for swimming.  It's so sad they had to fill the pool in in my hometown.  The costs are heavy on small towns where the jobs are drying up.  Running a pool proved too burdensome.  I have so many fond memories spent there. We would find empty pop bottles and sell them at the grocery store for a nickel and walk to the pool and spend all day there.  I used to be able to dive off the high dive.  I'd probably break my back now.  If I had an extra million dollars, I'd go to Collinsville and open that pool up again.

I digress, I might do okay in the swimming portion and possibly the biking portion of the triathlon.  Everyone will pass me on the running trail.  I am a participant/finisher for my first race, so it's okay.  This is a goal I have set, and I hope I can make it and compete and finish.  Everyone needs some goals in their life.  It's an important part of our lives.  Setting goals and accomplish them gives me something to look forward to.  Reading over what I've written, I  need to set a goal and make myself not end so many sentences in prepositions!!

If you want to come and cheer me on, I'm in the water at 8:11am.  Then out and on a bike, for about an hour and then I run for around an hour.  I doubt I'll be going too fast after getting off my bike, when I've rode for 10.5 miles up 2 pretty challenging hills.  You can enjoy one of the many beautiful parks we have here in Kentucky.  This is the Wendall Moore Park, with the John Black Aquatic Center and then on the bike along the beautiful hills of Kentucky, highway 393.

I will collapse at the finish line and say Go Cards!!  That's really for Collinsville Cardinals, but, everyone here will think it is for the Louisville Cardinals.

Triathlete! That

I've been


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