Friday, March 21, 2008

National Quilter's Day Out 2008 was a huge success!

Once again, the ladies did it right and had a wonderful day of sharing the obsession/passion we love. Quilting was the star and most of the guilds from Kentucky Heritage Society's District 6 were on display to show off. This is our District 6 leader, Linda Slye, who once again pulled all the guilds together for a great time had by all. The "show off" included quilts; quilters; and winning prizes. Here's a sample of some of the beautiful quilts made by the committee members for QDO, of which I am one. The thought was were were the Blooming Idiots-haha.

This is Marilou Jacobs our guest speaker organizer/he
lper. It went with the festivities of the day and a good time was had by all.

Here are some of the quilters. We quilters are generally a fun loving group and we like our little gangs together we call quilt guilds. If you are lucky enough to find a guild that fits your personality, it can be a wonderful thing.This is my quilt guild, Northeast Quilting Friends. I think above all the craftsmanship of quilting, it is the friendship and support you get from your quilt guild that endures.

re is the Mount Washington Quilting Bees-all dressed in black and yellow with their patriotic hats.

Our group, Northeast Quilting Friends,
was set up next to our guest speaker for the day, Karen Witt. She was very informative and entertaining for quilters. There is a jargon for all crafts and quilting is no different. Karen spoke quilter and also about the history of quilt patterns and textiles. It was a very interesting talk and trunk show of reproduction quilts.

also had lots of prizes for our ladies and gents to win. My goodness this woman relishes the job that most despise. I've tried begging for prizes for other activities and found it easier just to buy them myself and donate them than to spend the time begging for donations. It is truly a gift and a woman-not even in our District 6-was more than happy and successful at getting 12 sewing machines, 2 cabinets and lots of other goodies. My star wasn't shining that day so I didn't win anything, but, Lordy there was lots of happy ladies carrying sewing machines out the door.

The day wasn't a total loss for me, I bought these goodies. I really hate stopping my sewing rhythm to wind bobbins, so I got this Side Winder. And Marie gave everyone a Goodie Bag that included several fun things for the quilter.

I also bought this pattern with a stamp to make the hexagons.
It's a pattern for a Grandmother's Flower Garden hexagon pattern and stamp. I love how she incorporated the toile into the design. Karen didn't have the quilt with her, it's in France being photographed for Quiltmania a great French magazine about quilting.

We also had a quilt challenge, Springtime in Kentucky as the theme. Here is my entry:

Thursday, March 20, 2008


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