Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Public Radio and Quilters go together like a needle and thread

In our area it's that time of year again. Public radio and quilters go together. We like to listen to talk or tunes while we create.

So, please do your part and pay your part to your local public radio station. We have three that are grouped together here. My favorite is the eclectic mix of music you get on WFPK which is 91.9 on the FM dial. All the good stuff is to the left you know. to give your due.


Monday, March 22, 2010

The horse quilt is out of the bag

I've been holding out showing the pictures of my latest quilt. Chelsea is my daughter that is living in Albuquerque. We live in Kentucky and I thought she needed a horse quilt to remind her of her roots.

So I've made 2 quilts. I still have some work to do on her Japanese fabric horses, but, it's almost complete.

We were ichatting and I forgot to remove it from the wall and she saw it! Ah well, hope she likes it.

She can pick the one she likes.


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