Friday, September 24, 2010

How to Fit a Road Bike

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Favorite Walking Trail in Anchorage, Kentucky

A short drive from our house is the 2 mile trail in Anchorage, Kentucky. It was built by Papa Johns. It's so great it even has a quilt barn. There is also a boardwalk over the wetland area.

Tips and Tricks you might enjoy and use.

Who needs an expensive light box? Maybe someone doing very precision work. If you need to transfer a pattern onto paper, then make sure you are working in the reverse of the direction you want your work to face (real quilters will understand that statement). Attach the original to window with tape. Then tape paper over the pattern and outline. Use parchment paper so you can iron directly onto the paper. You can also use an applique pressing sheet to lay out and iron on all your fabric pieces for your work.

Next tip: go to your hardware store and get sticky backed sandpaper. The original use is for on an orbital sander. Cut pieces off and stick to the backs of your rulers to avoid slippage when cutting out material. It is especially useful on the Table Topper class we just taught at our quilt group, Northeast Quilting Friends.


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