Monday, July 19, 2010

A Block of the Month is like ice cream on a July day

Yes, I'd say that's not a stretch. If you are like me and you are a long time quilter, a monthly visit to your favorite LQS (little quilt shop) can be just the right spark you need for injecting a bit of renewed excitement. Yes, you get to see the finished product on the wall, usually, but, it's kind of fun to see how you put it together month by month, paying monthly as you pick up the project. I'm assuming most quilters reading this understand how a Block of the Month program works. It sort of speaks for itself, the LQS sets a designated time for you to come in to get the pattern and fabric to take home and sew.

Visiting your LQS monthly also lets you see what's new in the quilt world. Fondling fabrics and maybe buying a little extra is great therapy. If you have a nice LQS, then you have a good time visiting with the ladies behind the counter. It concerns me when entering a quilt shop all you feel is the stress from the workers. I can't imagine why any shop would not encourage a friendly repartee with customers. To me that is building bonds with the general public. I guess I understand the demands of paying rent and employees, taxes, etc., but please shop owners, do some exercises or something to work that stress off before you open the door.

Right now my BOM (Block of the Month) is being led by The Gathering Room in LaGrange, Kentucky. It's a Christmas quilt. I've got a couple of UFO Christmas quilts, but, this one really caught my eye and it uses a fabric called strip it that


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