Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So much blogging to do, so little time...al

I've been working on a double secret project lately. Our Christmas in July. Last December, Mary and Sherrill went shopping and bought 5 pieces of material and distributed them, half yard pieces each. We had our party today, so I can talk about my contribution.

In 2005 we went to Alaska on a 2 week cruise, one week on land, starting in Fairbanks and 1 week on the boat. This quilt is an homage to my memories of that vacation.
The center panel I purchased at a quilt shop in Alaska. This panel is filled with the underwater wildlife. The most fascinating to me was the watching whales do their bubble jet feeding in Anchorage, so of course this caught my eye. We really didn't see that many animals, as the train ride was lined with green trees and we did not take the extended visit into Denali National Park. We saw one caribou from a distance, laying down. It was sufficiently far enough away from our short ride group tour bus, that people suspected is was tied up there, so we could say we saw something.

We did have fabulous memories-like childbirth, you forget how exhausted you were during the "vacation". I over excurcioned-you know, planned to much to do, because by golly we were going all that way we were not going to sit around. One of the things I did do was learn to fly fish. So, along my border is a fishing pole in the quilting. I've made the quilt design to be the fly line pulling out and across the border on 2 sides. On the other 2 sides I have schools of fish with fish actually ready to bite the fly. Now when we were in Alaska, I can't really say I caught a fish, because it jumped off before I got it to the shore. But, it was close enough for me to get hooked myself.

We've already gone fly fishing in West Virginia-14 mile guided trip on the upper Gauley. Of course, it was the springtime, so that is a big difference from the Gauley in the fall. Needless to say there is a reason I quilted the fish, that's the only way I'll see a fish on my line. I hope that's not true. They tell me the thrill of fly fishing is making your own flies and catching fish on your own flies.


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