Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adventure Land-Movie Review

Adventure Land and acid wash jeans.  What a charming movie.  If you are in the mood, it's a great flick.  Being in the mood is everything.  The cinematography is outstanding.  I suppose, it's already loaded for a great experience for that with the colors and lights.  The creators capture misdirected youth and the walls that are created for themselves, beautifully.  

Friday, April 10, 2009

I made an excursion bag conversion today

Well, you know we are doing a lot of traveling of late it seems.  I feel like I need something that is betwixt and between a purse and a back pack so, low and behold I found this rather ugly Samsonite Excursion bag on sale at Office Depot.  It has all the things I need, a camera carrying big compartment and many functional zippered pockets.  Most importantly, it has this super safe, I think, closure.  I covered the exterior solid black fabric with the word Samsonite printed it white with this crazy quilt.  The crazy quilt cover was originally a bible cover that I never finished.  I like to repurpose things.  

Also, this is a better picture of the last quilt I finished for our Quilters Day Out.  

Monday, April 6, 2009

Chelsea, the Corvette Museum and a Car Show

One of the first warm days of Spring had us traveling south from Louisville, down I-65 to Bowling Green Kentucky.  This is where our second daughter, Chelsea is going to be graduating from Western Kentucky University in a few weeks.  She is now in NYC visit grad school possibilities.  NYC is one of her first loves.  It's a young person's town and there is lots of action, excitement and things to do.  

This weekend we wanted to take her out to eat lunch and visit the Corvette Museum.  You car nuts our there ought to stop by this place.  It's got all the history of the iconic car in one place.  We've never owned a Corvette, but, my sister did.  When we graduated from high school and she got her first job, she bought this kind of navy blue Stingray.  Boy was she hot and turned heads when she would drag main in this car.  

I think my favorite model Corvette is the really old ones.  This is the original built in 1953.  I love the lines on the front.  The newer Vette's, I think that's what people that really know those cars call them, are not as charming as the older ones-less inviting maybe.  Which is probably what they are after, a person a little more edgy to buy their car.  

We had a quick snack at a great donut shop-the Great American Donut Shop-GADS.  I highly recommend that place.

Needing to walk off our donuts, we headed to main street in BG and found the most wonderful open air free car show.  There were more 1968,69 Camero cars in one place, than I'd ever seen before.  The we walked back to Chelsea's place.  

There are times our children seem to have the weight of the world on their shoulders.  Chelsea has to choose which full ride grad school she will attend.  So I guess really this is not such a bad situation to be in.  The decision date ends April 15th, because that's the time all the schools start to court the next possible student for them to work with.  

Once again, I'm having trouble uploading all my pictures, so I'll load some later.  


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