Friday, December 7, 2007

Here's my Christmas

It's that time of year when we all should slow down and remember the reason for the season. Just Believe. A long time ago a human came to us and spoke the truth. So much so, that the world was changed forever, even time was started to be kept track of since his birth. The truth was written in the bible and every self help books was written to copy it's wisdom. You know the my own small way in our home, I celebrate that glorious day and don't judge those that choose not to. Here's what you see when you open the door of my home. Our tree,filled with ornaments that mean something to us and some that don't.

Our kitchen table and my front room. I love Christmas carols. I don't think any other religious songs are as pretty as Christmas carols...well, maybe a few others.

These are
crazy quilt Christmas Stockings I made several years ago. This is my tree skirt.
Then there's the shopping and you know what quilters like best: FABRIC.
I'm all about supporting the small independent quilt shops and marketers on the internet and around the world. Here's fabric from Australia that I fell in love with and the really cool designs. I like juxtapositions-you know, things that shouldn't go together, but, do work together. This might be a great gadget, The Gypsy Gripper, I'll let you know. I plan to keep one for my mom and give one to the quilt group. I use the Alto's Quilt cut and love it. It has a built in holder so, I really don't need another one, I don't think. So why do I support the independent quilt shop? There's no free fabric or discounts in it for me. I get people that know my name when I shop, and I like that!

Here's a new Judy Martin book. I really like her work. I think she is not for the beginner quilter and I like that. I've never done a whole log cabin quilt, just a sampler block here and there, but, here's my book and I'll start one next year, I think. I also bought this kit. It has a Barbara Brandeburg pattern. I've read her blog a lot and am happy to support a fellow blogger, when I can. My niece is having a baby and they don't know what they are having. I thought owls are good, cause no matter what they have, it will be smart. Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2007 Christmas Tea

What a fun night out!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's been a long wonderful week...

Ever get that feeling, all I want to do is go to my sewing room and make a quilt? No "Calgon take me away", nope, let me dive into a project I can complete with my own two hands. You know you have to be pretty tired when that happens. Of course, making a quilt is a labor of love, but, when there's so much labor elsewhere, quilting really is a respite from what ails you.

Well, I'm taking a break from all my
work, work, work. The fruits of my sewing machine labor are all gifts to my friends that sat at my table during our annual Christmas Tea at our church. It's really a great way to begin the Christmas season. Timing is everything when so much is happening. The first weekend in December is always busy around here. I help with the decorating at church and also with hosting a table for the Tea. Then there is the the oh so fabulous quilting group I'm a member of. We had our annual party at Sheelah's house in Old Louisville. At the end of the day, a couple of us went on the the Holiday Home tour of Old Louisville. You need to try to make this festive event. People open their homes and let hundreds walk through and view the beautiful Victorian homes, built in the late 1800's and early 1900's. A picture is worth a thousand words so, enjoy... Today is our last meeting of the year for Northeast Quilting Friends. Yep, we like our socks!

Up and atem gals-get those quilt tops you our lady that does the quilting. A rumor has it she's going out of business
My next project is FINISHING THE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH! (I'm yelling at myself)


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