Friday, February 16, 2007

Sewing tchotchkese...

We all have our sewing machines and studios that we use to make wonderful quilts. They are chocked full of the latest and greatest tools of the trade, guaranteed to help us make the job easier.

But, what about those sources of inspiration that caught our eye in a shop, or were given to us by friends. These miniatures meet me at the kitchen sink which makes me smile when I see them. It's nice to have sewing inspiration everywhere...yes, my DH, I am taking over the whole

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We're going to NYC...

One of the perks of my husband's job, is that he gets to travel to some pretty interesting places, at least they are to me. Luckily, I'm available and can accompany him right now. It's exciting to be going to NYC this weekend. I hope it's snowing. I will take my camera and take lots of pictures. Snow seems to help create some interesting pictures. I guess it's the starkness of the season, muted and gray, then the snow helps sharpen the colors or lack there of...

I wonder if they do much quilting in NYC? I suppose I should search the WWW and find out. If anyone has any suggestions, quilting or eating or theater, I'm open to learn. We've gone once before with our two daughters, but, it was pre-9/11. We mainly walked and walked and walked, but, really enjoyed it. Doubtless, this trip-minus the daughters, we will wear ourselves out walking everywhere and my poor hubby will have to be all smiles for meetings on Tuesday. But, we will have a little more money to spend and hopefully we will walk off all those calories we plan to try

Happy Valentines day!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fly away little bird...

My youngest goes back to college today. She came home for the weekend. We haven't seen her in several weeks, so it was particularly hard to say goodbye. But, you know that's what we are supposed to do, raise them up, not warp them and hopefully leave them in good stead, so they can get an education and get along in the world, with a gainfully employable job. Chelsea is studying to be a geologist.

Ah well, at least the real birds like to come to our house to


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