Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweaty Sheep 5K for the Homeless.

We made the paper!  What a fun day with friends exercising on the Waterfront in Louisville, Ky.  This town has a fabulous waterfront development.  You can listen to great music and watch fireworks while watching the lazy river move boats along.  We are blessed in Louisville. 

My friend Patti and I ran in our Santa suits.  We brought potluck to the event.  My sugar cookies were a hit!  Patti's macaroni and cheese mysteriously disappeared.  I suspect someone wanted a treat all to themselves!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

NYC Triathlon

They say that endurance runners are running from something.  Maybe it's old age?  Are we resisting the  years that are sure to bring the layers of life we don't want.  Could it be the layers we've already run up, like stairs to some magic window?  I think a part of me loves my quality time with myself, where I can talk to God or just run and cry and no one knows but me, myself and I.  Maybe I cry because I am happy and in my own way, whether I win a race or not, it's just the fact that I got to the starting line is all that matters. 

 My white Vita Wildcat didn't make the whole race with me.  I had a flat tire on the back of my bike.  Luckily a nice New Yorker felt she couldn't finish the race and loaned me her bike.  It was way too small, but, I finished the race on a hybrid.  I'd done 5 triathlons up to this point on my Specialized Vita Hybrid bike.  I was hoping to finish on it, but, instead, I chose to swap bikes on the road.  

 I love a wet suit!! It makes me so buoyant and really do float somewhat.  But, it's still a workout to swim for .9 miles in the Hudson river in NYC.  You have to dodge a lot of people and try to stay away from the rocks!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elephant quilt for Taya!

Blogs are good for nothing, if not for reminding you of what you've done.  I thought I was over due for a baby quilt for Taya, who is soon to be 2.  But, after searching this blog I've found I made one for her!!! I completely forgot...thanks old  

Well, I know she likes elephants, so I'm making it anyway.  I have another baby in the family about to be born, but, it's not until April, so I'm almost finished with this one. 

I'm auditioning fabrics for borders.  I think I like the "harder" border on the right as opposed to the "floaty" border on the left.  It is a great study in how much the border effects the quilt.  You can look at one side and see how they pull that color out of the quilt more strongly than the other.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Seward and the Kenai Fjords and PUFFINS!!!

Our cruise is over and now we must kill a day in the beauty of Alaska until our flight leaves at midnight.  The thinking is, I believe that we are to sleep all night on the plane and wake up in Denver at 7:00am.  Well that didn't happen sleep and hour wake up, etc.  Oh well, the price we pay....

Pulling into Seward we had our last buffet breakfast of the cruise.  Now the buffets weren't 5 star, but, they were feeding 2000 plus people so they were very good.  I probably put on 5 to 10 pounds at least, but, I don't like the scale, so I go by my clothes and how they feel, and they were getting tight!  

Exiting the ship, we had set our bags out the night before and with luck, they will meet us in Kentucky on Saturday.  So, we began our excursion at the Sea Life center in Seward, Alaska.  There were all kinds of interesting creatures in rehab.  There was a baby walrus that appeared to be quite a find from the staff.  There was also a mama octopus that was dutifully tending the white ribbons of eggs, hoping that one would pop out and become a baby octopi.  

Then there were puffins!  and lots of other birds there.  I had scheduled a visit to this facility, incase we didn't get to see any out in the wild.  Boy was I wrong, we saw lots of puffins in the wild.  There are fascinating birds that are called the clowns of the sea.  They have to flap their wings so hard to get flight, and then they sort of run on the water to get going.  

 Marathon Mountain!

 A whale! and puffins!

Sadly our day ended and left Alaska a bit tired but happy.  And our luggage was where it was supposed to be, at home in Louisville, Ky.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hubbard's Glacier...One of the biggest in AK. WOOT!

Gliding in close to the Hubbard's Glacier is a little spooky and awe inspiring.  

The sights and sounds are magnificent!

 Mom and Dad were a few doors down. 

Puffins tomorrow!
Gliding slowly into the grey cold spookiness of the glacier, I felt a little tingly.  How amazing is the blue beauty of a glacier.  Besides the sights there are the sounds, cracking thunder and crumbling ice.  I was so happy to share this experience with my husband and folks!  We started out up top and were able to soak it in a bit, before we went to our balcony room.  It's nice being able to sit in the warm comfort of the room and then go in and out on the balcony to see and hear the explosive sounds of beauty. 


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