Monday, September 17, 2012

Seward and the Kenai Fjords and PUFFINS!!!

Our cruise is over and now we must kill a day in the beauty of Alaska until our flight leaves at midnight.  The thinking is, I believe that we are to sleep all night on the plane and wake up in Denver at 7:00am.  Well that didn't happen sleep and hour wake up, etc.  Oh well, the price we pay....

Pulling into Seward we had our last buffet breakfast of the cruise.  Now the buffets weren't 5 star, but, they were feeding 2000 plus people so they were very good.  I probably put on 5 to 10 pounds at least, but, I don't like the scale, so I go by my clothes and how they feel, and they were getting tight!  

Exiting the ship, we had set our bags out the night before and with luck, they will meet us in Kentucky on Saturday.  So, we began our excursion at the Sea Life center in Seward, Alaska.  There were all kinds of interesting creatures in rehab.  There was a baby walrus that appeared to be quite a find from the staff.  There was also a mama octopus that was dutifully tending the white ribbons of eggs, hoping that one would pop out and become a baby octopi.  

Then there were puffins!  and lots of other birds there.  I had scheduled a visit to this facility, incase we didn't get to see any out in the wild.  Boy was I wrong, we saw lots of puffins in the wild.  There are fascinating birds that are called the clowns of the sea.  They have to flap their wings so hard to get flight, and then they sort of run on the water to get going.  

 Marathon Mountain!

 A whale! and puffins!

Sadly our day ended and left Alaska a bit tired but happy.  And our luggage was where it was supposed to be, at home in Louisville, Ky.

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Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I have greatly enjoyed your photographs and comments about your Alaskan cruise. I want to do that some day! I have cousins who live in Anchorage. My aunt even moved up there to be near them for several years...a hardy lady! I'm afraid I'll never get my husband out of there if we go to Alaska.


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