Sunday, April 29, 2012

My First Mini Marathon, the Derby Festival Mini Marathon, 13.1 miles

I came to running by way of triathlons. This is backwards from most triathletes coming after they have already been an accomplished runner. Running is the hardest of the three disciplines in a triathlon for me. I love the training though and I've been following a training schedule solely for running a mini marathon. After this 13.1 mile run, I'll switch back to training for my Olympic distance run in July. I'm considering doing the Tri Fest in May. I might participate in the Aquabike. I just know if I'm ready for the full Olympic distance, which I could choose to do, but don't know if I'm ready. I'll know after I switch my training schedule which has multiple brick workouts that are pretty intense. It is the beginner training schedule for the NYC triathlon. Here are my items I've found I need for a long run. This mini will be the longest run I have ever tried. I hope I can do it! I'll start from the ground up. My good running shoes, $14.00 wicking socks, Craft running tights, tech shirt from the event, cornstarch and Body Glide for things that rub.


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