Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So is everyone getting ready to cook?

Me, yes. I've already made my family's favorite at the holiday season, Turtles. It is just like the candy-you know chocolate, caramel and nuts. You ladies from my quilt group can find it in our cookbook made by Sheelah and Abby.

Then the rest of the menu includes herbed turkey and dressing; mashed potatoes and gravy; sweet potatoes; rolls; vegetable casserole; corn salad; coca cola cake-curtesy of Mary, also in our group's cookbook.

It's way too much food for 4 people, but, I guess we have to live off leftovers for a few days, so it's okay.

We will, however, feel pregnant for, hmmmm, maybe the next 3 days. Yep, way too much


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