Monday, September 24, 2007

Nope the book case did not fall on my head!

Whew! It's been a busy time around here. I've been to a concert with my DD #2 and saw Andrew Bird at the Brown. We sat in the front row and I got great pictures of his striped socks-so cool. A man really has to be secure to kick off his shoes and wear striped socks! Of course it really helps to be cool if you are playing a violin and guitar, practically at the same time.

Next we wen
t to an auctiongot this beautiful quilt for $110.00. It was a lovely day started about 10:00 and we got to the quilts after many, many tools and other old estate items from a probably 100 year old farm. I really wanted this but, you know when you go toe to toe on the bids with one other person, and you've already gone over your limit, you live in the satisfaction that you made them pay for it. I was quite happy with my wonderful Cinderella find. There was no label and no one attending knew the story of the quilt. Once again-put your labels on!!!

After the auction we signed up for scuba diving lessons. We are on board to learn how to dive here and then we plan to go to a reef somewhere in January or February. I can't wait. I've always liked the water. We used to have a boat, but, I was the only one that wanted to go out on it, so we sold it. Now, my DH wants to do this and so far so good. We are having a crash course hopefully before the weather gets too cold. We have to have 4 open water dives in a quarry before we are certified-there's wet suits for cold water but, warm water, I think is probably always Then we played poker with guys and spouses at one of the fellows from Bob's work. We didn't win, but, you know I hear their names and it was nice to get to associate a name with a face for a few hours at least...kinda fun. And last but not least, my super sensitive, of late, DH surprised me with Salsa dance lessons just in time for us to dance on the rooftop of a club downtown for the Latino festival. It was nice viewing the Ohio river from a different perspective, feeling the breeze and watching the talented dancers. Then it was our turn, we got up and remembered our steps, quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow and did that for a while. We tried our turn and walk through, but, it was so crowded, I just knew I was going to elbow some one so we left kind of early. Quite enjoyable that my husband would put so much thought into surprising


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