Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesday was our party for the quilters and we got to see Evelyn.

Our last meeting of 2008, for me at least, cause I think some people are getting together next Tuesday, but with any luck, our family will be on a beach in the Caribbean for that week.  That's me in the blue on the end, I really look tired and need some rest.  I DIDN'T EVEN PUT UP A CHRISTMAS TREE THIS YEAR!  People that know me, might be a little surprised by that, because, I like decorating for Christmas, but, I just felt wiped out.  It's funny how the support people get tired along with the, but not nearly as much as the person you are supporting, in this case, my daughter, Jennifer, who finished a year of chemo and radiation for a rare form of bone cancer...whew! Life is sort of back to normal, just scans every 3 months for a couple of years and I'll feel good.  

It's always nice when quilt friends can get together, I can't stress enough to everyone reading this, if you can't find a group you like, start your own.  That's what I did and here we are, 8 years later.  Of course these things aren't done by one person, it was Evelyn that kept us laughing and going strong and steady.  When I couldn't make it to meetings, Evelyn was icharge.  

On with our Northeast Quilting Friends Christmas party adventure.  We met at Sheelah's beautiful Old Louisville Victorian home.  Quilters and food do go together so there was lots of pot luck goodness to share.  Sheelamade the most beautiful cookbook for each of us, with help from her engineer daughter, Abbey.   

Joan is the organizer in the group and she brought a cute craft snowman pin for us to make while we visited.  It doesn't take much for quilters to have a good time, give us a craft and good food and we are happy as having a puppy on our lap...can you tell I really want a dog? 

Oh well, on to the day.  After our social time off we went in the pouring down rain to Frazer rehab.  We all met in the lobby and rode the elevator up to the 9th floor and, you guessed, we got stuck!  This is a funny shot of us looking at the ceiling.  After a few anxious minutes, we were released from our cell and moved on to our room to present Evelyn with the quilt we all made for her.  
Good friends, good food, good times.  


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