Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Hike Begins Down the South Kaibab Trail

First, we check the weather, that's the main thing, the weather-cold?  Windy?  Wet?

Oh my, oh my, what have we done.  Nothing less than taking on the biggest physical challenge of my life.  In my younger days, this would have a been, close to a piece of cake, but, a 52 year old that has only been riding her bike and swimming for a few months, had know idea of the difficulties of GOING DOWN HILL!!

My legs were in a little bit of shape for going up the hill not down the hill.  I was biking every other day for a few months.  But, when you ride a bike, you coast down hill.  Putting on my brakes constantly, really wore my legs out.  Imagine crouching for 7 miles while gravity pushed you down like a massage therapist, pushing on your whole body all the time.  Also, if you choose to do this hike, get shock absorbing sticks, I think the "older pros" we saw on the trail all seemed to have those.  Although there was a couple in their late 60's that put most everyone to shame with their climbing abilities-no poles/sticks just suck it up and get there attitude.    

If you are planning on going on this hike, be sure to ask a personal trainer or someone that knows muscle groups, how to get in shape for 7 miles (we did the South Kiabab Tral) practically straight down.  The switch backs were there, but, they were not gradual at all.  Then at the end of the 7 miles, you have to hike another 3 to get to the Phantom Ranch, where you definitely want to spend at least 2 nights.  We only spent one night and I can really see the value in letting your muscles rest a while.

Get a camel water bottle too!  It fits in your back pack.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Grand Canyon part 3-Our Room and a View from the Top

Driving into the Grand Canyon will cost you $25.00.  Our daughter, being the naturalist/hiker that she is purchased a year long pass which we used to get in.

 The Bright Angel Lodge is where we stayed before our decent.  It was filled with rustic comfort.
 Our room was comfortable and the walls were paper thin.  Unlucky for us we had the party room right next door.  They were so loud the "office" had to come and tell them to pipe down.  Thank goodness, we needed as much sleep as possible for tomorrows adventure.
 This is our view out our room window.  We were pretty close to the edge of the canyon.

 Chelsea needed a hat.  She chose another one, but, our little environmentalist couldn't help but clown around a bit.

 The weather was extreme.  It's cold at the top and warm at the bottom.

More tomorrow.  These are pictures looking from the top down.  Trail pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grand Canyon 2011 part 2

Saw the dog.

Played Easter Bunny.

Drove to the canyon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grand Canyon 2011

Saw the Quilt.

Flew over the Arch.

Met our Chelsea.

Saw where she worked and teaches classes at UNM.

Ate the food.

Headed to the big hole.

More tomorrow.


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