Friday, March 25, 2011

The Grand Canyon part 3-Our Room and a View from the Top

Driving into the Grand Canyon will cost you $25.00.  Our daughter, being the naturalist/hiker that she is purchased a year long pass which we used to get in.

 The Bright Angel Lodge is where we stayed before our decent.  It was filled with rustic comfort.
 Our room was comfortable and the walls were paper thin.  Unlucky for us we had the party room right next door.  They were so loud the "office" had to come and tell them to pipe down.  Thank goodness, we needed as much sleep as possible for tomorrows adventure.
 This is our view out our room window.  We were pretty close to the edge of the canyon.

 Chelsea needed a hat.  She chose another one, but, our little environmentalist couldn't help but clown around a bit.

 The weather was extreme.  It's cold at the top and warm at the bottom.

More tomorrow.  These are pictures looking from the top down.  Trail pictures tomorrow.

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