Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Hike Begins Down the South Kaibab Trail

First, we check the weather, that's the main thing, the weather-cold?  Windy?  Wet?

Oh my, oh my, what have we done.  Nothing less than taking on the biggest physical challenge of my life.  In my younger days, this would have a been, close to a piece of cake, but, a 52 year old that has only been riding her bike and swimming for a few months, had know idea of the difficulties of GOING DOWN HILL!!

My legs were in a little bit of shape for going up the hill not down the hill.  I was biking every other day for a few months.  But, when you ride a bike, you coast down hill.  Putting on my brakes constantly, really wore my legs out.  Imagine crouching for 7 miles while gravity pushed you down like a massage therapist, pushing on your whole body all the time.  Also, if you choose to do this hike, get shock absorbing sticks, I think the "older pros" we saw on the trail all seemed to have those.  Although there was a couple in their late 60's that put most everyone to shame with their climbing abilities-no poles/sticks just suck it up and get there attitude.    

If you are planning on going on this hike, be sure to ask a personal trainer or someone that knows muscle groups, how to get in shape for 7 miles (we did the South Kiabab Tral) practically straight down.  The switch backs were there, but, they were not gradual at all.  Then at the end of the 7 miles, you have to hike another 3 to get to the Phantom Ranch, where you definitely want to spend at least 2 nights.  We only spent one night and I can really see the value in letting your muscles rest a while.

Get a camel water bottle too!  It fits in your back pack.

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