Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nothing like quilting friends to pull you out of your funk. come,

Yes, hard times are here, but, leave it to my quilting friends, to see a need and offer help.  Help in my case was a trip to a museum.  Sheelah, my friend who has also undergone a hard regimen of chemotherapy for a freak cancer like Jennifer.  She has a heart for people going through difficult times.  Her particular gifts are aimed at people in the throws of or are in support of people with cancer.  

Having heard my story and being a part of our quilt group, she calls me up and says, Julie what do you want to do?  A long time ago I had heard of the King Tut exhibit in Dallas, Tx.  I guess it's been traveling the country at different times, but, I'd never been close enough for it.  So, I said, how about Indianapolis?  Without hesitation, Sheelah says okay.  And another lady in our group, Shirley, an intrepid traveler, wanted to come along as well.  

So off we drove, first to a wonderful little chines food place for lunch.  Then on to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.  Word of warning before you go, the parking lot was full when we arrived there around 1:00.  If you go, get to the museum at 3:00.  The children were pretty cleared out by then.  But, it might have added to the crowd, because there were, besides King Tut, a Star Wars and dragon exhibit.  It can't think of 2 more better draws for kids than those.  They should probably put an age appropriate warning on King Tut, as there was lots of reading and alarms that children did not seem to understand what not to do.  

This is a beautiful museum, with all things for kids, including kid size bathrooms.  

Last but not to be missed, a trip to Shapiro's bakery and deli.  I highly recommend the cannolis and ruben.  The ruben was plenty big enough to share.  They also make fresh bagels, of which I understand are most like those you find in NYC.  

We also managed to stop at 2 fabulous quilt shops in Indianapolis, the Back Door and Quilts Plus.  These are pictures of Quilts Plus.  I've always visited their booth at quilt shows and was curious about their shop.  I was not disappointed.  The shop had a little bit of everything, including a large quilting machine for quilting those quilt tops.  


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