Friday, April 16, 2010

Auditioning Fabrics for a Binding

The horse quilt for my DD Chelsea out in the "Q". That's what she tells me people that live in Albuquerque, New Mexico call their town. Where in the world did that word come from. Of course I'm from Oklahoma and there is no shortage of strange sounding names of towns, Inola, Oologah, Nowata. I think all these were some famous Indian chief from long ago. I digress.

Just like auditioning fabrics for your quilt, you have to audition the binding fabrics as well. For my bindings I like something substantial that will hold everything in, visually. There is so much action, color wise that this quilt, I think really needs something dark to contain it and finish it.

Every color of fabric that you add to a quilt helps to pull that color out even more. In order to get more of a focus on the horses I'm choosing the red and purple, as these colors help to do just that. They are also a tight print, more of a smallish check than a plaid, which gives it more of a solid look. There are no other solids in this piece, so yes, I think I like it.

Now on to squaring up the quilt and adding the binding. It's taken me long enough. Chelsea is coming home for a week in the summer and maybe I'll hang on to it until then.


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