Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011, Split the Baby

We traveled, we split the baby, we ran, we headed home.  Such was our whirlwind visit to Oklahoma.

My folks live in Clarlemore, Oklahoma near Oologah lake.  The fog was rolling in when Chelsea and I walked Fawn in the early morning.

We ran the Owasso YMCA's Thanksgiving Day Hog Jog.  It was a 5K race.  The important thing is I got to run with my daughter, Chelsea and her cousin, Kyleigh.  My dad, sister, Lisa and her daughter, Rian, as well as Kyleigh's husband, Jared and daughter, Nora were in attendance, along with Tea, Rian's daughter.  In essence, my whole family was there.

Like Sampson and the decision, who gets to keep the child, when you live a 10 hour drive away, we must split the baby and share our kids with both sets of families.  Bob's family lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Yes, there are all kinds of Indian jokes about the names of the towns in Oklahoma.

I had grand plans to work on quilts and teach my daughter how to make one.  She has made one, but, this was to be another balloon quilt which she was really excited about at the time, but, splitting the baby means traveling back and forth from grandparents to grandparents, as well as great grandparents.


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