Friday, August 15, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008-I Love the Whole World

I couldn't resist...short and too

[China] Beijing Olympics The Hi-Tech Game ! (Part1of5)

Yeah, but what good is technology if regular people can't use?

Kentucky State Fair 2008


Jennifer was having a good day today.  She actually wanted to go the State Fair.  Nothing heals like corn dogs, lemonade and a good jug band.  This is the Juggernaut Jug Band. I think the junk food and sunshine did her good.  The weather here is the mildest I can remember for August.  Last year was the hottest on record, this year it was pretty cool.  So I sucked up the worrying and we had a very nice time.  My quilt group will tell you I've got my set route I like to walk at the fair, into the Agriculture wing and look at the exhibits, of course the quilt and finally swing through the myriad fair flea market finds with a load of fudge and nuts to take home.  This day we only skimmed the surface, but, I got to see some things I hadn't really paid that much attention to before, because it been too hot to spend any time outdoors.  I've seen the rose garden before but, today I spent some time there.  .  Here are some of the lovely roses from the Louisville Rose society.  There is a new wing to the fairgrounds, in which they house the horses.

Jennifer like the cakes.Here's 
 great pumpkin cake for all you pumpkin block of the month gals.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The proverbial Fox in the Hen House...

We are supposed to be at the hospital before 9:00am. My DD wants to be awoken 3 HOURS BEFORE!!! to give her plenty of time...ahem....

DD it's 6:00am...DD it's 7:00am...DD it's 8 oclock. NOW MOTHER I NEED MY BACKPACK...WHERE'S MY PURSE...I'M NOT IN A GOOD MOOD I DON'T WANT TO GO, I'M CALLING TO CANCEl...okay, fine...get the picture. feathers flying everywhere, fox 1, us chickens...not much to cluck about...

But, by golly in the end, all it took was one devoted nurse practioner at Kosair that just knows the right things to say to my DD and we are here. Purse left at home, husband takes extra long lunch from his job downtown to house in the country to retrieve said purse. I'd like to say forgiveness and hilarity ensuse, but nope, cluck cluck.....

Only 7 more


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