Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making scrap quilts is like seeing old friends again.

I have a clean trash can right beside my cutting table.  All slices of quilts that aren't good for much are slid off into the scrap trash can.

Now my scrap trash can runneth over and I'm making a friendship braid quilt out of the scraps.

This is a caveman quilt, you know the kind that uses one 5 inch by 2 inch piece of material cut at an angle.  I've chosen light and dark and am weaving my braid while watching American Idol and a variety of Netflex movies.

Almost every piece of material I can account for in a quilt, maybe a scrappy tote, or bag.

Quilters are great recyclers.  And, while I'm concentrating on stash busting this year, it's always nice to use what you have in whatever form it is in.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Show Your Works in Progress To Your Kids!

Quilter family members may or may not know how blessed they are.  I bet it's far and few between amongst their friends that have beautiful quilts to adorn their beds.  I imagine they are even a little envious of our kids and family members that are recipients of the quilt legacy we leave.

Those of you that have experienced ichatting, know that you can talk to your kids in New Mexico or wherever and they see all of you and what is behind you.  I must be careful not to have a quilt on the wall that I have intended for my daughter that I ichat with, in New Mexico.  I am careful to do just that, but, it does not mean that if she's my work in progress wall while ichatting, she will make a request.

Right now I'm working on 3 quilts.  Two of them are baby quilts, one is a scrap friendship braid quilt, the other is an owl quilt.  Don't you know she wants the owl quilt.  I told her she'll have to wait, because I'm so far behind getting this baby quilt out to Nora.  She's 2 now and so it's time.  Plus, my focus is finishing my projects I've started and I've been working on this for 2 years, so it's in the cue.

The Snow Days pattern is also on the wall. It's for me.  My mom bought a pattern for me for my birthday.  It was the same pattern, so she's keeping it and making it herself.  Like mother like daughter.  I hope that's a good thing.  I hope my girls are like me in all the ways that are good and they take all the good things from their dad as well.  Life is pretty hard sometimes.  We get thrown a lot, so why shouldn't I pray they get only the best our genes have to offer.


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