Monday, January 16, 2012

My First Below Freezing Run, I was covered in Frost!!

ran my first run with the Triple Crown Running Club last Saturday morning.  This first run was 4 miles long in below freezing weather.  We began running at the firehouse behind the McDonald's in Crestwood, Kentucky. 

It turned out to be a fabulous day.  We started out at 7:30 and ran on a fairly flat road.  The only real danger was some black ice.  I was totally comfortable, although I was covered in frost by the end.  I didn't have frost bite on my fingers or toes.  As a matter of fact, I had to remove my gloves because I was so hot.  My body sweats a lot and I guess that's what caused all the frost on my hair and clothing.  There were several runners out that morning, besides our club, and everyone turned to look at me as they passed me.

I am not a fast runner, but, I am training more and am getting a little faster.

This is my list of items to wear in a really cold run:

1.  Hand warmers.  I got mine at Costco.  You open them and shake them and they get warm.  I place them inside my gloves and put extras in my pockets. 

2.  Heavier gloves.  I don't like mittens, my hands sweat too much in mittens.  But, gloves with hand warmers to start out are just right for me. 

3.  Scarf.  I wear it around my neck until about 2 miles then I take it off.

4.  Layer wicking clothing.  I like a wicking Specialized undershirt, then long sleeve Saucony shirt then my blue fleece Old Navy shirt.  This is for below zero running. 

5.  My reflector utility belt.  I like to listen to my music, and safety is a concern.  So I like to carry my iPhone with my head phones on the front middle of my utility belt.  I don't like it on my arm or in my pocket.  Running is all about balancing the items I have on.  Also, after about a mile or 2, I begin to take my gloves and scarf off.  I like to hang them on my utility belt. 

6.  Sham Wow headband.  I sweat a lot.  I thought, what's the most absorbent material out there, and the Sham Wow came to mind.  So, I make my own head bands.  They are pretty wide for covering my ears. 

There you have it.  My recipe for coverage that includes as few items as I need when I run. 


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