Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This isn't NYC, it's just funny

Poor New York City

Frogs and the Chicks are home...smile

My husband likes to buy me roses.  I'm so blessed.  When the roses are on the fading end of beauty, is when the frogs come out.  I don't why they are called frogs, but, for minimal display of flowers, they are best.

My chicks are both home, well, sort of.  You know we want them to have friends, but, we like to have them see us too.  Our lovely Chelsea is just way too popular for her dad's and my liking.  I guess I should be happy she's here for a week and we get to see her some.  She's too old to ground and who would be in New Mexico to make sure she stays there.  Maybe we could pay her lovely dog Fawn to do the dirty work.


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