Friday, March 9, 2007

There is only quilting...

Quilter's Day Out and New York aside, there is only quilting. I'm moving on from a scrap quilt project, using the Diamond in the Rough pattern, that I'm kicking myself for not buying enough scraps!!! I hate when it happens with a "planned" quilt. Pattern in hand and exact amounts of fabric bought only to be cut wrong and back to the store I go. I guess, in reality, my scrap quilt is a planned scrap quilt...somehow that seems wrong...hmmm..

This is something I tell everyone that is learning to sew/quilt. Mistakes will be made, but there is almost nothing you cannot fix in a quilt. Cutting short is where you get into trouble, which is what I did on my "scrap" quilt. The problem is my scraps are from one collection of Moda fabric called
Folkloric that is soon to be in more stores, but, most are waiting for it... so, I'm on hold until a shop gets the fabric-I've already paid for my order and will hopefully get it soon.

I am working on-again, off-again, on an hourglass nine patch quilt. I'm getting use the yummy pinks and browns I've been dying to make a quilt from. This one also started out as a mom and daughter project, with my daughter Chelsea, but, alas, the gratification did not sad. But, lessons learned and I love love this pattern and material, so off I

It's from a book,

Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts and it's the pattern on the back cover. I'm more of a piecing person, but, I do like the combination applique border. The quilt has that light Japanese airy style, in my opinion, and I'm excited to work on it for a while. That's what is best about UFO's, there's always another one to suit your fancy.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Making signs for Quilter's Day Out

I've been up at the Oldham County Resource Center for a while this afternoon, making signs for Quilter's Day Out on March 17th. Of course the clovers, it's St Patrick's day, and leprechauns. We must post the rules for the Think Green Quilt Challenge. We also have a prize tote bag, filled with fabric, if you vote-you entry is the ballot you vote with. So it should be a fun day. But, quilter's like things easy and I'm making sure the signs are large and easily read. Every town should have a resource center with die cut machines and banner/poster makers. They also have button makers and machines for laminating.

Now all I need to do is add a four inch sleeve to my quilt. I had hung this quilt with 3m photo hangers in my living room, but we asked everyone to put the usual sleeve for hanging in quilt shows on the backs of their quilts and even though I could pull some strings, since our group is hanging the show, it's only fair to do what ever one else is requested to do, so I will.

Making a 4 inch sleeve:
Measure the width of your piece at the top about 3/4 inch from the top. Cut a piece of fabric 8.5 inches wide by the length of the measured width-minus 2 inches. Sew the tube lengthwise wrong sides together. Press the seam open, centering it. You don't have to turn it right side out or clean finish the ends, as it is on the back of the quilt and no one will see it. Iron the tube flat and include a crease, across the length, of one half inch-just tuck in the fabric in the middle-on the side that is not to be sewn to the quilt-this allows room for the bar that hangs the quilt so it does not create an unsightly bulge on the front of the quilt. Now that your tube is ready, center it so the tube is one inch from either side-3/4 inch from the top. Whip stitch at the top and bottom. You are ready to hang your quilt or enter in any show that comes up. I do this for my bed quilts as well, because some day, someone may choose to use it as a wall hanging and it will be ready.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

National Day of Quilting

I've been busy with our upcoming holiday celebration for quilters. In case you haven't heard, it's Quilter's Day Out. This is supposed to be a time when all quilters in the country, stop what they are doing for one day and come together, at churches, libraries or wherever, to celebrate quilting. Not with a show or any big production, but an opportunity to decide together, what coming together in their individual communities, means to them. In our case, in and around Louisville, Kentucky, we have about 20 quilt guilds. Each guild decided how much they want to participate and contribute to Quilter's Day Out.

We've decided to try a couple of new things this year, have a guest speaker and a quilt challenge besides a regular Sit N Sew for quilters. A quilt challenge is anything you want it to be, this year we've decided to make it broad and easy to enter-Think Green Quilt Challenge-it must have green somewhere on it. Viewer's choice (everyone gets to judge) wins prizes and ribbons. So far we have about 25 quilts entered and they are all wall hangings-not bed quilts.

Our speaker is Valerie White, a local contemporary quilt artist, who makes gorgeous quilts and will be speaking to us during the event.

Our Quilter's Day Out is held on Saturday, March 17th at the Ballardsville Baptist Church

The celebration starts at 10:00 and goes until 3:00. Our quilt challenge will be closing judging at 12:30 and our guest speaker begins her discussion at 1:00. If you're in town, the event is open to the public. Come and check out what quilting is all about...if you don't already


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